But That’s Not How I Thought It Would Go…

This upcoming Sunday is All Saint's Sunday in church. As such, we are singing the hymn "For All the Saints," one of those hymns I love to hear and to sing but dread playing. I've told myself for so many years that this hymn is way too difficult for me to play due to the … Continue reading But That’s Not How I Thought It Would Go…


A New Year… School Year

I've been a bit quiet over the past few months which hasn't really been ideal for the consistent writing goal that I set for this blog when I originally began. This summer has been jam-packed with moves, new church job, transferring of ministry applications, marriage, a new puppy, and a lot more that you can … Continue reading A New Year… School Year

New Year’s Resolution 2019: Just Be

Every year we go through the same ritual of making promises either fully or halfheartedly about our dreams and aspirations for the new year. Every year, for me, it partially happens. I stick to one resolution about my life for a few months but then life happens and I completely forget what those resolutions were. … Continue reading New Year’s Resolution 2019: Just Be

The Goodness of Our Lives

In my Theological Conversations class, we are reading the book Let Your Life Speak by Parker Palmer. We're in the final chapter of the book entitled "Seasons" and this chapter is split up into the four seasons with a subtitle for each one. I was really happy about starting this chapter because I'm teaching my Music … Continue reading The Goodness of Our Lives

Let’s Not Get Too Political..

This was a response to an assignment from my Intro to Theology class. I thought it was very fitting given tomorrow is the day of a large election here in the States. “Don't write about it. Don't mention it. Don't jeopardize the great work you are doing among the poor, among the workers. Just write … Continue reading Let’s Not Get Too Political..