New Year’s Resolution 2019: Just Be

Every year we go through the same ritual of making promises either fully or halfheartedly about our dreams and aspirations for the new year. Every year, for me, it partially happens. I stick to one resolution about my life for a few months but then life happens and I completely forget what those resolutions were. So this year, I took some time and wrote them out and put it on my fridge on a colored piece of paper that I cannot miss. So far it’s been working but, let’s be honest, it’s only been five days. I’ve decided to write about my goals and resolutions for this year for two purposes: 1) to have a group hold me accountable and 2) the last one is something I think is beneficial for all of us. Here they are:
scrabble resolutions
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  1. Pay all debt except for student loans and car note.
  2. Practice both voice and piano/organ four times per week.
  3. Finish those half-finished craft projects collecting dust.
  4. Get to the gym/work out/run at least four times per week.
  5. Do 15 minutes of yoga at least four times per week.
  6. Finish Duolingo trees for Spanish, German, and Hebrew or French.
And most importantly,
      7. Take time every day to Just Be.
Looking at my list seems entirely doable but like I said earlier life happens. Will I be completely faithful to it? Probably not every week. But that’s ok. I don’t think that is what these resolutions are for. Making the small, intentional changes to do something different or to reach our goals is enough for me right now.  1-6 are idealistic changes that I’d like to make but the last one, “Take time every day to Just Be.” is the one that I’m taking most serious. I’m still trying to figure out exactly what this will look like but right now it looks like this: disengage from screens and technology, read for pleasure, or just sit and meditate. This resolution is not something fully formed but I think it is something that I will grow with and into finding some way to Just Be that works for me and my life.
This whole idea comes from my Introduction to Christian Education class where we had moments where people felt the need to fill the silence with talking. Our professor told us that as Americans we have an idea that silence is bad or that silence is awkward in some way. When she said it, it clicked that I’m guilty of this as well and wanted to address it. Just Being is a good practice for all of us. Being ok with not doing something and calming down our minds to clear the mental clutter. Hopefully, this will make a difference. I’m sure that it will. I’ll keep you posted and I hope you’ll join me on this journey of being.

One thought on “New Year’s Resolution 2019: Just Be

  1. I love your posts. Thanks for sharing…. last year i was hit with a hard depression and I feel like this year so far it has followed me. I didn’t start the year as I would’ve liked heck i didn’t end last year on a good note…. I am grateful that I’m still here and that my loved ones are around me but I can’t shake this feeling of sadness and negativity off. I couldn’t even think of resolutions for this year. Just being seems like a good one though. Just being and trying to at least hope that this year would be a good one. Sorry for the emo reply


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