Who’s in Your Box?

Hey all! After a brief two week break from Phillips due to concentrated courses, on Monday I’ll start back with classes. I’m really excited to start again but this break was very useful. I was able to catch up on some reading, take a short out of town trip, and see some penguins! This semester I’m taking three courses: Introduction to Theology, Introduction to Christian Education, and a Theological Reflections class. Before the break we’ve discussed sin and evil, authority, logical arguments, story linking, vocational stories, and so much more. It was a full six weeks but I’m looking forward to the next six. There has been a lot going on at my home church First Christian Church-Katy as well. We’ve unloaded two trucks of pumpkins for our Pumpkin Patch ministry and celebrated our 40th anniversary with a special service.

Back to seminary. I’m really enjoying my Introduction to Theology course. We’ve been discussing a lot of the basics for theology like sin, authority, covenant, and creature-hood and what that means to modern Christianity. There are so many fascinating discussions on the class discussion boards every week so it is hard to read all of them no matter how hard I try. Phillips has an amazing array of students from a wide array of Christian denominations and non Christian religious traditions. This course specifically reminds me of why I love to study religions: people discussing why they believe what they believe beyond just, “It’s what I’ve been taught.”
The class discussion of what has authority and how it is an illusion was by far the week that I got the most out of. The most thought provoking discussion got me to think that when we say that certain scripture is the ultimate authority on the Divine, we draw a box around that scripture essentially limiting what the Divine can do if it is something outside of that box. Basically, if it doesn’t fit inside the box of who we say God is, it can’t exist. That is very limiting to what the Divine can do. We have given God the ability to do only what we have said God can do pertaining to our belief of authority of specific scripture passages. My thoughts are far from over about processing this idea so I’m sure you’ll be reading more about it later, but until then try to let the Divine out of the box.
Peace and blessings,
Rev. Mike

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