The Journey Begins


Let the highest truths and values guide you. Live up to those demanding standards in everything you do. -Quaker Saying


Hey everyone! Welcome to Gay by the Grace of God: A Gay Seminarian’s Journey. I’m really excited to start this blog about my seminary journey, church life in my small congregation, and my work as a commissioned minister of both music and LGBT Outreach at First Christian Church-Katy here in Houston, TX. I’ll also be taking a look at ways to be better christian allies in marginalized communities and how that can direct our activism to create a more welcoming culture in our churches and society in general.

My Story So Far…

I was born in Lansing, MI and started singing and playing the piano almost immediately. I attended Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo, MI and graduated with my Bachelors in Vocal Performance in 2014. During my time at Western I studied the organ and began playing church services throughout the lower west side of Michigan. After that I went to Wichita, KS and was a student singer at University Congregational Church for two years and eventually the interim organist at First United Methodist Church of Wichita for a few months before I moved to Houston, TX. Fortunately, just a month after I moved here I found my new church home and haven’t left since. It was at this church that I finally realized that my call was in church work bridging the gap specifically between the LGBT Community and the religious communities here in the U.S.

I’ve recently started pursuing a M.Div from Phillips Theological Seminary which has proven to be an amazing experience already. I’m looking forward to see what new things I will learn and how it will help me grow over the next few years until graduation and a hopeful ordination in the Disciples of Christ Church.

I hope you join me in this long, exciting journey.

Peace and blessings,

Rev. Mike

And let all the poor
Let them come to the water
And let the ones who are laden
Let them come to the Lord



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