What is This All About?

Recently on Facebook, I was asked a question about what the mission of this blog is and I realized that I only had a basic idea of what that is. I took the past week and decided to plan out a bit more of what I would like to accomplish through these platforms. Here are my first set of ideas:
assorted color sequins
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But That’s Not How I Thought It Would Go…

This upcoming Sunday is All Saint’s Sunday in church. As such, we are singing the hymn “For All the Saints,” one of those hymns I love to hear and to sing but dread playing. I’ve told myself for so many years that this hymn is way too difficult for me to play due to the walking pedal line and no clear four-part structure like other hymns. After talking with my organ professor from undergrad and talking myself into it, I finally decided to sit at the organ and attempt to learn to play the hymn. For All

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A New Year… School Year

back to school conceptual creativity cube
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I’ve been a bit quiet over the past few months which hasn’t really been ideal for the consistent writing goal that I set for this blog when I originally began. This summer has been jam-packed with moves, new church job, transferring of ministry applications, marriage, a new puppy, and a lot more that you can read about here. The other part of this is due to a lack of direction with this blog. I didn’t have a clear picture of what I wanted to accomplish and I found a real need to go back to square one and really establish some goals. Fortunately, I haven’t had classes in the summer sessions so I have been able to focus a bit more on these goals.

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A Confession

My soul is weary with sorrow; strengthen me according to Your word. -Psalm 119:28
I need to make a confession. I have been having a tough time understanding my role here in Columbus for a month or so. There have been many blessings that have happened since I have been here but at times it feels like the trials are so much more. I miss my friends and the support group that I created in Houston. I miss the members of my old church. I miss teaching and working with the kids at school. I miss my colleagues from school. It’s overwhelming sometimes. When I was in Houston, I missed my family but fortunately, they are much closer now and I’ve been able to visit a few times. That is a great help. So in response, I’ve been trying to take various moments throughout the day and name five things that I’m grateful for in that moment. This is a great practice to have, though. It takes any situation we feel badly about and lets us see where God is in our lives. Sometimes I can only think of one or two things but it still helps get me out of my head about something for a few minutes and usually helps me calm down. I tend to have a lot of emotions even if I’m not always showing them. There have been many times lately where my emotions have gotten the best of me. I forget to walk away. I say what I know I shouldn’t. I try to force issues at times when I know it would be better not to I just don’t seem to be able to help myself. I redirect my emotions toward other things and people. The really crappy thing is that this seems to happen to those closest to you. The ones with whom you have the most to lose or the biggest emotional attachment. Fortunately, I have some very forgiving friends and family. But I want this to change.

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New Year’s Resolution 2019: Just Be

Every year we go through the same ritual of making promises either fully or halfheartedly about our dreams and aspirations for the new year. Every year, for me, it partially happens. I stick to one resolution about my life for a few months but then life happens and I completely forget what those resolutions were. So this year, I took some time and wrote them out and put it on my fridge on a colored piece of paper that I cannot miss. So far it’s been working but, let’s be honest, it’s only been five days. I’ve decided to write about my goals and resolutions for this year for two purposes: 1) to have a group hold me accountable and 2) the last one is something I think is beneficial for all of us. Here they are:
scrabble resolutions
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The Goodness of Our Lives

Four Seasons

In my Theological Conversations class, we are reading the book Let Your Life Speak by Parker Palmer. We’re in the final chapter of the book entitled “Seasons” and this chapter is split up into the four seasons with a subtitle for each one. I was really happy about starting this chapter because I’m teaching my Music Appreciation class about the Four Seasons by Vivaldi and we’ve been exploring artwork and music related to how people interpret the attributes of each season. Continue reading “The Goodness of Our Lives”